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We are a private travel agency acting freely and independently in choosing and reserving your hotel and accommodation according to your taste and needs.
Over the past 15 years, we have exclusively worked in the field incoming tours to Iran professionally; therefore, we are fully familiar with the mentality and needs of international tourists.
Our experience in organizing a wide variety tours from adventure tours like mountain climbing and desert hiking to commercial and individual tours has enabled us to have no restrictions in providing services to you.
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+98 21 2222 3040 info@1001nights.tours
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MICE with us!

Have you ever thought of traveling for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE)?

In addition to being a professional organizer of tours, from the classic to the adventure ones, MICE tourism is unquestionably another profession of ours so you can comfortably MICE with us as well.

If you are a group of experts deciding to participate in a conference, meeting, exhibition and any event of such sorts, just let us know the date of the event and do not worry about other things like visa, flight, hotel etc. All you need to do is just send us an email about the event the and our experts will shortly contact you.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are of the world’s most popular tours in which tourists get familiar with the history, art and lifestyle of the people of city or village in a given country. In cultural tours, tourists, after having resided in a hotel, go to different neighborhoods of the city or village to visit its monuments, museums, festivals, galleries, exhibitions and places of worship of different religions.

While visiting these places, tourists get familiar with peoples’ lifestyles including their clothing, local cuisine, traditional ceremonies, handcrafts and local souvenirs and they gain some different experience of life among the people with diverse tastes and interests. The cultural tourism is a good opportunity to taste different foods and cookies, get familiar with how local handcrafts in an area are made and take pictures by historical buildings with amazing architectures. All of these things contribute to the cultural exchange between tourists and locals.


World Heritage Sites

So far, 22 Iranian titles including more than 60 sites are registered on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage.


Tentative List Sites

A Tentative List is an inventory of those properties which each State Party intends to consider for nomination.


National Heritage Sites

The Iranian National Book List is a collection of Iranian monuments According to the law since 1930 has been officially registered.


Back to 5000 BC

Iran is an old country with a long history. The civilization of Jiroft (5000BC), Sialk (5000BC), Kasy (2000 BC), Gyan (3700BC), Burnt City (3000 BC)

22 Iranian titles including more than 60 sites are registered on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage. These heritages include 20 cultural titles as well as a natural one.In 1979, the Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, Takht-e-Jamshid or Persepolis, and Naqsh-e Jahan Square were the first Iranian sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For more information about other itineraries, please send us an email at info@1001nights.tours

Adventure Tours

In adventure tours tourists are taken on a different trip in the heart of nature and are provided with some new experience of understanding the pristine nature of Iran such as its special species of plants, rare birds, hunting grounds, national parks, protected areas, sandy deserts, salt lakes and mountains.

Some of the most popular adventure tours in Iran include mountain climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, bike riding, hiking, camel riding and safari in desert, bird watching, botany, hunting and photography. Adventure tours range from one day to several days and tourists occasionally happen to stay a few days in natural environments such as mountains, deserts or jungles to carry out these activities.



Because of the geographical location and climate of Iran about 55 percent of the country's area is mountainous.


Higher Than 4,000 Meters

The Dena mountain range has 49 peaks higher than 4,000 meters and possesses most of peaks which are higher than 4,000 meters in Iran.


Mount Damavand

Damavand, with a height more than 5670 meters above the sea level located in the Central Alborz Mountains, is the tallest mountain in Iran and the tallest volcanic mountain in Asia.


The Zagros Mountains

The Zagros Mountains, with a length of 1,400 km, comprise the longest mountain range in Iran.

Mount Damavand is one of the greatest sports and natural attractions of Iran. The English Thomas Herbert was the first European to reach the slopes of Damavand through Firuzkuh in 1628. Since then, every year different groups of mountain climbers from around the world come to Damavand to climb.

Special Tours

These tours are held typically upon the order of a particular individual or group. Special tours usually meet tourists intended demands. Photography, anthropology, food tours, visiting pristine less visited natural environments, visiting holy sites of different religions, and commercial and industrial activities are among some of the goals of such tours.

In many cities of Iran, including Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Hamedan, Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad and Ahwaz the followers of different religions like Islam, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism and Mandaeism  live together freely and peacefully. Getting Familiar with the rituals and traditions of these religions is very attractive to tourists and a lot of special tours are held throughout the year for this purpose.

During the year, a lot of international, cultural, medical and commercial exhibitions are held in Iran. These exhibitions offer a good opportunity for a successful business trip together with a visit to historical monuments and natural attractions for those who are interested. By taking advantage of the opportunity of a business trip to Iran and taking part in exhibitions and conferences, tourists can also order their desired tourism packages through us.

During your trip, we are glad to arrange special programs for you too. Meeting the clerics of different religions and religious societies in Iran, visiting contemporary Iranian artists, their modern arts and art students, participating in concerts, theaters, poetry evenings, cooking shows, dinner at private parties and meeting and talking with those who tell you about their experience of life in and out of Iran are just a part of the programs that we have performed several times.

Mixed Tours

Tourists wishing to experience a cultural tour and a nature tour at the same time, they can go on mixed tours. Staying in historic cities for a few days and visiting their historical and cultural attractions along with taking short trips to the natural attractions of Iran like: the highest peak of the East: Mount Damavand; the hottest spot on the Earth: the Loot Desert; the most unique sand hills: the Dasht-e Kavir; and one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries with migratory birds from Siberia and blue lotuses: the Anzali Lagoon.

The routes of mixed tours can vary according to the needs of tourists and be accompanied with short stays in the local camp or houses.
We are gladly ready to provide you with any advice and help regarding the arrangement of your tours and trips to Iran.
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